Engaged in the mechatronics field, focusing on technical development strategy, new business planning, and business strategy based on the practical business realization plan

About Toshihiro

The main working fields are automobiles, auto parts, industrial machinery, robotics, with supporting, research and development strategies, new business planning and execution, business strategy planning. 

In particular, he has abundant project experience in the automotive parts industry and robotics field, related with Mechatronics × information. With utilizing the deep knowledge of technology and market trend, he  supports the acceleration of business concept development and business realization.

Through activities in Europe in 2017-18, he is also familiar with the trends of overseas players in automobile and auto parts.

In recent years, he worked on the business concept examination related to the concepts of MaaS (Mobility as a service) and RaaS (Robot as a service), taking into consideration the difference of urban structure, mobility flow and lifestyle of citizens.  He is engaged in creating a business ecosystem for practical commercialization within the collaborative scheme among public sector, Industrial sector , academia and citizens.

Past Experience
Worked at Paris office in 2017 & 2018
University of Tokyo
Bachelor of Engineering
University of Tokyo
Master of Frontier Science