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Breaking the mold

Unleashing the power of convergence in the chemical industry

Chemicals, Information management

The chemical industry is already quite advanced in terms of digitalization

The chemical industry is reshaping around several major trends, which it is critical to anticipateArthur D. Little: As President of CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council), what trends do you identify for the sector?Jean-Pierre Clamadieu: The chemical industry is reshaping around several major...

Heading for New Shores

A pragmatic approach for the strategic assessment of foreign markets

For our clients we develop first hand insights based on proprietary research with our local teams.  Based on these exclusive insights we design hands-on strategies and accompany our clients from insight to initial discussions with distributors, business partners or acquisition targets. Think...
Chemicals, Strategy

Capital efficient chemical companies

Outperformers in a changing environment

Cash is king in business, and during a downturn it becomes the main concern of every company. With the credit crunch in full force, a superficial analysis would suggest that capital intensive industries would be hardest hit, and that their executives cannot avoid having to prepare for very lean...

"In a connected world, we must work together"

On April 3, Arthur D. Little interviewed Jürgen Hambrecht, CEO of the world’s most respected chemical company. Through its myriad business relations, BASF has unparalleled insights into the well-being and direction of the global economy. We used this unique opportunity to talk about the economic...
Chemicals, Strategy

A rose in the bud? Anticipating opportunities in industrial biotechnology

Bioplastics and chemicals derived from biological raw materials are being hailed as the next big thing for the chemical industry, a development that could have a huge impact on both that industry and the many others that depend on it. This technology has its critics, but its proponents believe it...
Chemicals, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - References

Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

The greening of the chemical industry - An opportunity to create sustainable

The chemical industry has been dealing with environmental concerns for decades. So how should it approach the current appeals to go green? This article examines what being green means for chemical companies, how going green can be a successful strategy, and sets out specific steps executives can...
Chemicals, Strategy, Sustainability

The staying power of Europe's chemical industry

In all industries the production costs for sites in Western Europe are under scrutiny. And with more and more developing countries eager for industrialisation the pressure keeps mounting. But does this apply across all industries? To find out, Arthur D. Little compared the manufacturing costs of...

Mid-Life Crisis: New Challenges in Pharmaceutical Life-Cycle Management

The pharmaceutical industry is in crisis. Big, profitable products are losing their patent protection and generic producers are jumping in to take a growing share of the market. We look at how the big pharmas, and the smaller ones, can find a way through these troubled times.
Chemicals, Healthcare & life sciences