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Future-proof & lean DMS integration

How to overcome costly and complex DMS integration and support new business opportunities such as online sales, better customer experience and...

Efficient processes and systems in automotive retail are gaining importance for OEMs. They actually are a critical success factor to reach sales targets by enabling efficient customer facing processes and lean processing of large sales quantities. Dealer management systems (DMS) play a major role...

The Connected Car – Finally Coming True?

Die Vision des “Connected Car” oder allgemeiner des “Connected Vehicle” besteht schon seit Längerem, allerdings ohne signifikanten Einfluss auf die Industrie. Durch die zunehmende Bedeutung des mobilen Internets steht das Thema heute ganz oben auf der Agenda der OEMs. Trotz standardisierter und...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

China’s Automotive Market

A Bumpy Ride Ahead? – How automotive OEMs can plan for a smoother journey

Based on in-depth market insight and a long track record of delivering strategic projects for major automotive companies in China, Arthur D. Little assesses the outlook for the Chinese automotive market and identifies five key topics that should be on the CEO agenda for any international...

Online Sales in the Automotive Industry

How can the internet become a successful sales channel for the automotive industry?

We have recently completed a comprehensive customer survey analyzing the internet as a sales channel in automotive business. To validate demand and identify critical success factors and requirements for online customers, approx. 1,000 survey results were collected from customers from Germany, China...
Automotive, Organization & transformation

Battle for Sales in the Premium Segment

Six Key Levers Impacting Current Automotive Sales Models

For 2020, all three German premium automotive brands aim to become No. 1 in sales. In fact, worldwide demand for premium cars by far outgrows the global market, mainly due to the strong demand for premium vehicles from China and the US. For premium OEMs, the resulting challenge is to conquer new,...
Automotive, Marketing & sales

Automotive Customer Experience

Achieving Next Level Customer Service by Managing Customer Experiences Across All Touchpoints

Today we see the need for automotive OEMs to shift from being product-focused to customer-focused companies. As opportunities for product-wise differentiation for the average driver seem to diminish, customer treatment becomes the key differentiator for the future. As customer journeys become...
Automotive, Marketing & sales

Spinning the Wheel Online

Online Transformation in the Automobile Industry

Experience shows though, that the digital transformation potential is not fully tapped yet. In our study “Spinning the Wheel  Online”, experts of Arthur D. Little analyzed eight international markets, how online experience of customers influence the behavior in dealing with traditional...
Automotive, Marketing & sales

Mobile Vertical Applications - Driving Enterprise Mobility

The mobile application landscape is diverse, with applications aimed at a variety of end-user types and ranging from relatively standard “horizontal” solutions through to highly-specialised applications that serve a specific industry need. While it is only relatively recently that some sectors have...
Automotive, Technology & innovation management

Inventions from 1886 Shaping Daily Life Today

1886 was a great year: Arthur D. Little founded the world’s premier consulting company, Coca-Cola created the world’s first soft drink and Carl Benz invented the car. Our overview provides a round-up of the other inventions that the year had in store and that have helped to shape the modern...
Automotive, Strategy, Technology & innovation management

"If we want to improve urban mobility for real, we will have to be even

Maarten van Gool shares his thoughts about his company’s transformation, the dramatic changes in the possibilities for drivers and the future of transport.
Automotive, Strategy