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Anticipate, Innovate, Transform

At Arthur D. Little, we believe that organizations are faced with many disruptions that stem from rapid changes due to technology enablement, regulation, revolutions in transport systems and underlying technologies.

For the first time ever, those changes are happening at the same time, which creates an imperious need to remain alert, able to understand their impact on one’s industry and own organization. As each difficulty is an opportunity, we believe that in order to cope with changes, the best approach is to embrace them, and apply a simple method that revolves around Anticipate, Innovate, and Transform.


provides the key elements to master systemic changes that affect our business universe, and understand them and their potential impact on one’s organization and the ecosystem around it. Anticipating provides the key information and likely impact that the internet economy, the transportation revolution, key regulatory changes, a mobile workforce that is more demanding than ever, and other structural changes will have on businesses.


provides the key response to disruptions that may affect an industry or a business. Innovation long ago crossed the borders of product R&D to become pervasive in the key processes and structure of any organization. This can include better integrating the client into the organization, creating faster feedback from customers to the enterprise through digital everything; it may also include such changes as more collaborative build-up, shared investment/rewards, and superior people management through empowerment and delegation. We believe that a solid understanding of our client industry, and experience with those kinds of innovations, are key to providing added value to our clients. 


provides the implementation of innovations into an organization in a sustainable manner, as well as refreshing of an organization so it remains attuned to the key challenges it faces relating to changes in local mores or disruptions. Transformation has to be approached with pragmatism, knowledge of the industry in which it operates, and a view of its capacity to adapt rapidly in the future.




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