Developing a sustainable procurement strategy

We developed a sustainable procurement strategy for a leading European mobile telecoms operator


A European fixed- and mobile-telecommunications company asked us to develop a strategy for sustainable procurement that delivered business value.

Most sustainable procurement strategies in companies focus on delivering value through risk management.

However, our client wanted to go a step further to examine how the procurement function could support sustainable innovation.


  • We developed the strategy through five one-day workshops with the heads of procurement from each of the business divisions, as well as representatives from the central procurement function and R&D
  • We undertook benchmarking of sustainable procurement practice across a range of other telcos and ICT companies
  • We facilitated a process to examine the client's desired level of performance across a range of key processes. This supported the development of a priority set of actions to support a sustainable procurement strategy


Procurement heads in each division now have clarity over what is required of them. They understand what actions are needed to better manage sustainability risks in the supply chain.

More importantly, they understand the important role they play in driving sustainable innovation.