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Rethinking managed services group designs

Rethinking managed services group designs

How telco group designs can unlock value for managed ICT services

As the success of managed services (MS) continues to drive growth in the B2B space, an increasing number of operators are venturing into the managed ICT space. However, the role telecommunication groups should play when selling and providing managed ICT services must shift from the current legacy models to more centrally driven designs.

Tech giants such as Microsoft, Google, Salesforce and IBM have already adopted this approach with their local presence in many markets - but the design of the business models and the development of the services are very much centralized. Telecommunication groups, too, can benefit from such centralization. Centralization not only brings about cost efficiencies, but more importantly, helps to build disruptive products due to the enhanced collaboration among operating companies (opcos), which allows them to acquire insight into relevant global trends and access to specialized and skilled resources at a much faster pace.

Essentially, in ICT, scale matters when its benefits are exploited via well-thought-through, centralized models. Those that manage to develop centrally and deliver effectively are bound to rule the markets.

Datum: Januar 2017

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